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Services we offer

Temporary Staff Solutions...

Its not often always practical to hire staff on a full time basis. Seasonal trends as well as staff absenteeism can often put an unnecessary strain on your business and ability to function well. Where we can help you and your business is by providing you with a flexible workforce, that you are able to utilise when the need arrises.

To learn more about out temporary solutions and about the latest discounts we provide, please contact a member of staff on: 0117 972 3636

Permanent Placements...

Our permanent placement service is an ideal starting place for those companies that simply do not have the time or resources to recruit staff (from start to finish) themselves.

If we are all honest with one another, there are very few moments in a day that we get "free time" and that is where we can again help your business.

For a one off fee we will handle a recruitment campaign on your behalf which will consist of advertising on the main recruitment job sites, fielding all telephone applicants. Interview of the top candidates as well as full reference checking and personal profiling. Then and only then will we consider them for selection with you.

I guess what we are trying to say is that we take all of the hard work out of recruiting and to learn more please contact us on: 0117 972 3636

Fully Managed Service...

Following on from our Permanent Placement Service comes the idea of a fully managed recruitment package. In a nutshell this is a solution that enables us to take your full recruitment function from you (temporary and permanent positions), get to know your business, line managers etc and then take away the time, efforts and skill required to recruit the very best staff. We work closely with you throughout the process and ensure your own staff are very much involved in any recruiting matters and are under the full direction of them in terms of what you need.

On average the cost savings (especially with larger establishments) are phenominal because we can reduce our own costs (mainly advertising wastage). To learn more please call on: 0117 972 3636

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